Interior Design Trends of 2019

//Interior Design Trends of 2019

Interior Design Trends of 2019

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While trends may come and go, some are here to stay, which means we get to enjoy them a while longer. We fall in love with trends, and while we must be mindful of curating our choices to fit our styles and not waste money , this must not discourage us from enjoying and integrating new ideas into our lives. Here are a few interior design trends from Self Storage Adelaide Hills.

interior design with brick

We can always store the pieces we aren’t ready to part with in storage units, while we enjoy the new additions to our homes.

Self Storage Adelaide Hills is a great option to consider for the safety of treasured furniture. It ensures safety, security, support and protection of the pieces from the elements. Self Storage Adelaide Hills is a secure storage facility in Australia that provides temperature controlled storage units to ensure the safety of furniture pieces.

So while you contemplate which new furniture you will add to your decor, your treasured pieces will be properly secure in a self storage unit, that you can access at anytime to either add or remove furniture.

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Self Storage Adelaide Hills also offer vehicles for hire to help move your pieces.

Now that you have figured out how to secure your furniture here are some of the best interior design trends for 2019.

The use of Boucle, which is a great cozy fabric with a dramatic texture that turns any piece into its best version adding an exciting look to any room, whether rustic or traditional.

green rug

For those looking to update their walls, wallpaper was all the way in with palm imagery being the most popular. Wallpaper can be easily installed within any room, but if there are priceless pieces of furniture a self storage unit proves vital to properly securing the pieces until the wallpaper installation is complete protecting the pieces from damage.

leaf wall paper

Scaled and layed landscapes were another trend seen in 2019. Modeled with the idea of using seated pieces with complementary heights to appropriately scale the room for a more refined environment.

Furniture design is sometimes influenced by the needs of the culture at the time. In 2019, people wanted to be closer, to feel together hence the rise in popularity of the curved sofas which are designed to bring people together in a circle and include everyone.

curved sofas

More homes were abandoning the living room centered around the television and opting for custom spaces that were their own and suited their needs, especially after a long day at work.

2019 saw a greater emphasis on the relationship between humans and nature and finding ways to connect the two. Hence the rise in biophilia interior design, which focused on the use of natural organic materials with natural daylight.

biophilia interior design

Feminine tones such as dusty pink, blush and bronze brought warmth and comfort to many rooms in 2019.

No home is complete without art, 2019 saw the dominance of maximalist art, which is characterized by bright colors, fullness, graphic patterns and large paintings covering entire walls in homes making them exciting spaces.