Renovate your Outdoor Courtyard

//Renovate your Outdoor Courtyard

Renovate your Outdoor Courtyard

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Often, many small outdoor spaces, such as courtyard spaces are overlooked. People tend to believe that they would need to inject a lot of finances into such areas to make them charming and beautiful spaces. This is, however, not the case. All it takes is creativity and imagination. Recycling and reusing of most of the household wastes can reduce the cost of designing and beautifying one’s courtyard. Below are some brilliant ideas from Self Storage Woodside and do-it-yourself tricks which one can employ to transform their courtyard into an entertaining area where people want to spend their leisure time.


Creating a ‘feature wall’ is one way of making a courtyard a preferred chill-zone around the home. Identify any unsightly wall or large surface within the courtyard and give it a fresh new look by repainting it with a dark or bold colour. This wall will now be the focal point within the courtyard and will help in harmonizing the outdoor space. One can be a bit more creative and dramatic and give the wall a range of textures such as timber patterns. The paint to be used should be able to stand the outdoor elements for a long-lasting effect.

If your courtyard does not have a grass lawn, then don’t worry. There are other exciting ways of introducing greenery into your space. Hanging pots, climbing plants and selected patio plants all are perfect for the courtyard setting and help transform the courtyard into a green outdoor oasis.

Court Yard

To help brighten up your courtyard, paint adjoining wall or fences in neutral or lighter shades than that of the feature wall. This will offset the bold or dark wall you created by painting darkly. The neutral fence or wall is an ideal backdrop that helps make the courtyard vibrant. If you need to renovate your space, store your outdoor setting in your spare room or in Self Storage Woodside.

Most courtyards are usually small, and hence, it is crucial to saving on space. Introducing a vertical green wall helps give the courtyard a garden effect while saving up on space. The vertical wall comprises a frame held in place by posts and plant pots at the bottom. The frame can be a trellis or even wire mesh.

It is also essential to get a theme for your courtyard. This is well brought out in colour coordination. You should identify a colour scheme for your space and paint the furniture in the courtyard and the doors and window frames surrounding the area with similar colours. Plant pots should also be decorated in the theme of the courtyard.


If you have an old cement mixer or know where you can cheaply get one, then this could be an essential item for your space. Just turn it upside down, fill it halfway with soil and manure and plant your patio tree. Remember to paint the outside of the container in line with your colour theme. This trick can also be applied for other old containers such as wheelbarrows and toolboxes.

If your courtyard is filled with furniture and all manner of clutter, it would be a good idea to relieve it of some of the rarely used items and furniture. Identify rarely used items and find them some space elsewhere. In case your house space is also limited, and you’re wondering what to do with the excess items and furniture, the self-storage units come in handy. Self Storage Woodside is an excellent provider of such storage units. They have a state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne and other locations too.

To give your courtyard some sense of order, create circulation paths so that people don’t walk anywhere in the space. It could be just one or several paths depending on the size of your courtyard, and you could use them as the organizing feature of your courtyard. For more home tips and tricks, check out the Self Stoage Woodside blog page.