Secret Storage Hacks For Your Home

//Secret Storage Hacks For Your Home

Secret Storage Hacks For Your Home

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Even if you only bring home items you adore, eventually, your home can start to feel a bit over-stuffed. If you’re working to minimize your belongings and clear some space but aren’t quite ready to get rid of things, consider the secret storage hacks, including using Woodside Storage in Adelaide Hills from The Storage Place, listed below.


Putting trunks to work as storage gives you two benefits: an added space to stash stuff and gained a seating area. Trunks will fit easily under windows. You can add a simple cushion to the top of any flat trunk and build yourself a window seat!

storage seat

Platform storage bed

A platform or captain’s bed used to be a challenge to purchase and move, but thanks to Ikea, your platform bed can be built simply and moved easily when. This will free up valuable real estate and make everything under the bed easily accessible.

white storage bed

Hang items to free up floor space

You can hang anything from shoes to bicycles. Laundry bags can be hung for easy access. It’s important to note that random hanging things can be visually jarring. If you choose instead to cluster your hanging items or put them together in a group, they can become art. Paint a pegboard in a bright colour and hang your jewellery from it, or mount it to a spot in your kitchen for spoons and ladles.

hanging pots and pans

Put old crates to work

Wooden crates can be screwed together in unique configurations for a clever and colourful shelf unit. Paint them before you put them together and consider adding a shelf board to the top of the first layer for stability. Place heavy items in the bottom and work to collect your things at the centre of the tower as you go up.

uses for milk crates

Install tension rods for cleaning supplies

A spray jug of glass cleaner will hang on a tension rod until you’re ready to use it. This will free up floor space and make it much easier for you to find the supplies you need.

tension rodes for hanging cleanng supplies

Rent Woodside Storage in Adelaide Hills from the Storage Place

If you’re still feeling cramped or need to stash some larger items before a move, invest in Woodside Storage in Adelaide Hills. By putting some of your things safely away with Woodside Storage in Adelaide Hills you can enjoy the space you’re currently living in while you plan your relocation.